Shut. Up.

Richard Saja : Toile : Just This Once : embroidery

I’ve been pondering a slower life lately.  Slow down.  Simplify.

Can you imagine how life must have crept while he worked on this piece?  This isn’t something you do in between your kiddos’ soccer games.  I know if I tried to take up a piece like this I’d get a few stitches done before life had moved on and something else was pulling for my attention.

I’ve been having a conversation with a co-worker about slowing down and leading lives that are simpler, more like our grandparents or great grandparents might have lived.  Life can easily spin out of control with appointments and work and games and parties and traffic and …

It isn’t until life is blindingly hectic that we realize slower and simpler might be better.  But slower is hard.  Simpler takes planning.  And we get frustrated that all of this slowing down takes so much work and time.

The desire to slow down is abrupt but the process is gradual.  It’s in our very nature to desire for our lives to be simpler and slower *snap* just like that.  It’s the complete reverse of what we’ve been brought up to understand as normal.

It takes something like embroidering toile to comprehend.  You’re either making one stitch at a time out of thousands or you’re too concerned with the number of red lights between you and baseball practice.