My mom is moving next week.  About this I am particularly sad.  She’s been living a stones throw from me for about three years.  I can’t offer her anything to make her stay put so instead I’ve been putting my interior decorating/googling abilities towards revamping this new house she is moving into.  Which is not new at all.  In fact, it was built in the 1950’s and everything is original.  Everything.  Especially the all pink bathroom.  Yah.  Especially that.

To the point:  The house, which was supposed to be fully furnished, is lacking some major pieces of furniture.  As in, UN-FULLY FURNISHED.  I’ve spent the evening finding the perfect dining room table.

table : for eating from : round : walnut : clean and modern : what’s not to love?

via Apartment Therapy : @Room and Board

My mother found a table.  I thought it was, shall we say, unsuitable.  It held fast to this modern and minimalist aesthetic she so adamantly desires.  I felt as though this table did the job better.  And then I realized it was $2,300 dollars.  I’m thinking on a pastor’s salary, 2,300 bones isn’t in the budget.