this is still cool:

Rather.  Let’s back this up a notch.  I was about to post a picture of the “ambient lighting” that illuminates the interior of the 2010 Ford Edge.  And yet, despite my best googling abilities, I have been unable to find a decent picture of this very useless (it is, among other places, in the cup holders) yet deceptively cool lighting.  People:  it changes colors.  You press a button and you can change the colors of the light.  ROY G BIV eat your heart out.

But now I will post no picture.  Partly because I can’t find a good one and partly because my husband and I were treated so horribly at the Ford dealership that I now have no reason to want to show off their product.   But mostly because I can’t find a decent picture.  Come on Ford!

After dealing with an AWOL salesman, my husband said it best when he said “Buddy, I’m about to drop over 30 grand on a vehicle.  I currently drive a top of the line foreign car.  I feel like I’ve earned the right to test out the features on a Ford.”  And I must say, despite my southern manners, I had to second my husband fully and completely.  That guy was a nut job.

So we left.  And the ambient lighting stayed with the dealership.  It was altogether frustrating and freeing.