The first issue of Anthology is out and I am hot to trot to find one.  I haven’t left my living space for several days in a row now it seems, so “finding one” probably isn’t as hard as I make it out to be.  But regardless, I’ll be subscribing.  And you?

On that note: they have an interesting post on their blog (and by interesting, I mean “SHUT UP! YOU’VE HEARD OF THAT PLACE?” kind of interesting)

My family was originally from the Isle of Jura and not a single soul outside of my family has ever heard of it.  Except the gals at Anthology.  And Bambi Sloan apparently.  And the 200 people who currently live there…..

But if you go, you can stay at this lodge and drink some fine whiskey I’m sure.

So.  Supposedly this lodge is expensive.  Anyone want to lodge with me?  Some of us could sleep in the bed. Others in the bathtub.  I call the bed.

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