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If I had somewhere fancy to go, I would have to have this.

dress : convertible : bustled : isadora clothing : the ruffled chameleon : etsy


embroidery : pattern : labyrinth : finger labyrinth : sublime stitching : Jenny Hart


I want to learn how to revamp my current wardrobe.  You?

Eithne Farry : book : re-making :

shirt : ruffle : keyhole : gradschoolattire : by Minxshop

Giant Dwarf is my hero.

cashmere : petite clochette : sweet : custom : Giant Dwarf


I’ma gonna be real honest with you.  I had to google the definition of this piece.  I mean, I could clearly see what I thought it was supposed to be, which was a swimsuit, but friends, that is not what this is called.  It’s a maillot.  And I will forever use the term.  Learning is fun.

anthro : maillot : grey : genius

good thing they’re all out of my size.  Go grab one for yourself while you still can!  Over here.

Psst!  It’s on sale!

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