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I’m not sure if it’s the necklace, or her hair that I love better.

necklace : felt : resin : etsy : dagmarabuczek : love, poland


A good friend came to the house a few days ago and I just had to show off our bedroom because, well, we’ve been in the house for almost two years now and had yet to hang a single picture.  That was, until a few days ago.  Das Husband and I sat down and didn’t leave that room until we had pictures on the walls and a list of the things we needed to complete the room.

I’ve been hanging on to a Pottery Barn gift card for a year and a half because I’m just so dadgum indecisive.

We needed some “objects” for a couple of large wall sconces and low and behold, I finally decided on some via West Elm

west elm : shane powers : objects : vases : grey : earthenware

necklace : bronze : hexagons : from Local Library (whom I just ADORE) on Etsy

embroidery : pattern : labyrinth : finger labyrinth : sublime stitching : Jenny Hart


lampshade : ribbon : cotton : embroidery : garden : flowers : @Anthro

Macbook Pro sleeve : felt : owl : BoutiqueID on Etsy

My favorite part of this piece is that the owl looks like he will peck your eyes out if you try to steal his contents.

You should never tell your four year old that the calamari that she just put in her mouth is not chicken (like the thinks) but rather, squid….you know honey, those animals with 8 arms that live in the ocean!

plate : dinner : blue : eight legs : perfect for squid…or chicken