embroidery : pattern : labyrinth : finger labyrinth : sublime stitching : Jenny Hart



lampshade : ribbon : cotton : embroidery : garden : flowers : @Anthro

atomic necklace : clever : J2 B3O : green : jewelry : Ulala @ Etsy.com

I have no words for this book except that it makes my heart joyous and devastated all at the same time.  I can’t wait to read it to my child.

pictures via Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves : Written by Wilhelm Grimm : Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

I give you the audio book.  Because after you find out you’ll need to read five major works (such as noted below) before next week.  Well, friends, then your morning and evening commute becomes your second classroom.

Macbook Pro sleeve : felt : owl : BoutiqueID on Etsy

My favorite part of this piece is that the owl looks like he will peck your eyes out if you try to steal his contents.

You should never tell your four year old that the calamari that she just put in her mouth is not chicken (like the thinks) but rather, squid….you know honey, those animals with 8 arms that live in the ocean!

plate : dinner : blue : eight legs : perfect for squid…or chicken