I once met a man who owned a dog named Russ.  Russ was very special, or so I was told.  More special than your average family pet.  The man would get up early every morning and cook organic free range chicken breast for Russ.  And then he’d brush his teeth with organic doggy toothpaste.  Russ was only allowed to have organic treats, mostly in their raw form.  A cooked egg.  A fresh slice of steak.  The man said Russ was like a living filter.  Everything in the air around him or that was ingested into his system was processed by Russ.  And Russ used to be sick a lot.  Until the man realized how clean and free and fresh everything needed to be for Russ.  And after that Russ did much better.

My commonplace book is really just the clean and free and fresh that I want to see everyday.  I’d choose to process beauty rather than ugliness.  Cleverness over dimwittedness.  And intelligence over ignorance.  Kinda like Russ (I think that whole story is a bunch of hooey) I still filter everything that I come in contact with.  Since the commonplace book is a collection of those things I’d like to hang on to or remember, it stands to reason that I send all of those items and quotes and such through my own filter.  Typically when something makes it through my filter, it ends up as a creative project of some kind or another.

This list is a compilation of the product of that filter.  It will be ever-changing.  Items in bold have been completed.  I really love getting to make something bold.

Vintage pillowcases into a JuJu dress/MP top

Recover antique dining room chairs

Jellybean bean bags

Heartstrings apron

Wooden book cover

To the Moon apron

Bustled child’s skirt

Circus petticoat

Birch tree walls

River Rock mats

Lumber Allotment Photo Series

Meadowsweet and Linen skirt

Vintage School Desk

Di Froggi Pruto Bathroom